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We also Rigid Box Manufacturers an extensive range of Rigid Boxes. These products are manufactured with using free pulp material as well as recycled material to an extent of 10%. Due to the high quality of the products, these are preferred for packing garments, watches and other gift items. In addition customers require products which can be made as per their specification and we offer products as per their specifications.

Luxury Rigid Box Manufacturers

Welcome to Avon Containner- the world’s central resource for affordable Luxury Packaging! Premium rigid boxes for storing expensive items are manufactured in several factories in India, and, within a short time, in factories across Asia. We employ a large, skilled workforce from rural backgrounds, trained to create masterpieces in exclusive packaging: an organizational culture that embraces people as opposed to careless assembly line that Characterizes mass production with the help of large scale equipment.

We are the direct manufacturers and supplier of Luxury Rigid Boxes for gifts, and other luxury items, providing paper rigid boxes at the lowest price with the best quality. Primarily produced by hand, from some of the world’s leading companies in the rigid box sector, our customers are encouraged to come and see these boxes being manufactured in real time at the factories. Come to us to embark on the process of sourcing for the best talents in the world to help you create packaging that is out of this world. Picking the most suitable packaging method that suits your business needs is much easier when you begin the packaging process today.

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Creating high-quality Rigid Boxes is not easy something that people can just decide on this morning and get the results they want by evening. This means that our products meet all the criteria of our selective customers to the maximum level.

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As for the price, Avon Containner provides the lowest prices both for small and big quantities of goods. It will be our pleasure to hear from you to give details.

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Many excellent options and colors of rigid boxes readily available.

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We have different dimensions of Rigid Box which is available to ship today to any part of the world!

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