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Paper Courier bags are made up of craft paper. These bags are also known as mailer bags with adhesive closure. these mailer bags/courier bags are different in size. These courier bags are eco-friendly and bio-degradable which gives the bag an elegant and sophisticated look.

Paper Courier Bags

Uses of Paper Courier Bags

  • Courier bags are are used for courier the products.
  • Mailer bags are also used for parcel the product from one place to another.
  • You can keep your confidential documents safe.
  • Storing your important date in mailer bags / Courier bags is also one of the best use.
  • These are used for e-commerce purposes too.

What are Paper Courier Bags?

Made from recycled paper material, these bags are lightweight, durable, and perfect for carrying documents, small packages, or other flat items. Are ideal for the transportation of goods. courier paper bags provide both protection for the contents and sustainability in shipping practices.

Benefits of Using Paper Courier Bags

Environment Friendly:

Paper courier bags aim to eliminate traditional plastic packaging, as plastic poly bags harm the environment and are also a threat to mankind. Their use helps reduce the environmental impact associated with plastic waste.


Paper courier bags are a great option for branding. Businesses can easily print their logos, slogans and other marketing messages on the bags, increasing brand visibility and environmental awareness with the logo inside.


courier bags come in a variety of sizes and designs, making them suitable for everything from documents and clothing to small electronics and delicates, and even a variety of food industries.


The cost of courier paper bags is very low, hence many businesses have fully adopted courier bags, many businesses order courier bags online as they require these bags in bulk quantities. Because it has proved to be cheaper than many other packing materials.

Consumer Appeal:

With the increasing environmental awareness among consumers, the use of paper courier bags can enhance the reputation of the company. Avoncontainers, along with their goods also give a message to the people about why we need to save the environment, so do it today. Adopt paper carrier bags and take responsibility for your safety and that of the environment.

Courier packing bags Manufacturer – Avon Containners Private Limited

Avon Containners Pvt Ltd. is a leading manufacturer specializing in the production of high-quality Courier packing bags which are an ideal option for all your packing needs like clothes, food, documents, etc. Our bags offer the best Moisture resistance which protects your belongings from moisture and water while claiming to protect your belongings.

With a commitment to sustainability and innovation, Avon Containners meets all your sustainable and affordable price needs. Their paper courier bag are designed to meet the demands of modern shipping requirements while minimizing environmental impact.

Avon Containners prioritizes customer satisfaction, offering customizable options to suit individual needs and preferences, These courier bags come with a flap. The construction of the flap is very strong and durable. The purpose of this flap is to keep your items inside the bag safe. keep valuables safe.

With a focus on quality craftsmanship and on-time delivery, Avon Containners has established itself as a trusted provider in the packaging industry, serving businesses of all sizes seeking reliable and durable packaging solutions, and serving millions of trust has also been built.