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Triple wall corrugated boxes are even stronger when compared to the two other options and they are referred by many as the robust ones. They are meant for applications where the customer expects to transport very valuable or delicate goods and thus provide maximum safeguard. The construction of triple-wall boxes typically includes:The construction of triple-wall boxes typically includes:

  • Three inner liners: It creates the features of three bottom and top layers of liners; it has an extra corrugated medium.
  • The fluted medium: Triple-wall boxes have three flutes throughout the walls to ensure load-bearing and increased sturdiness.

Triple wall boxes have three walls and are particularly ideal for large items and others needing to be stacked one above the other due to their great strength of stacking and resistance to compression. They are often employed in sectors that include aerospace manufacturing or production, logistics and distribution or any sector that demands additional product security during transport, or even while in storage.

In selecting or designing a corrugated box construction, it’s necessary to consider the load and sense of the inclination and the product’s fragility or susceptibility to damages. These are some tips for choosing the best box type for packaging your products, with the help of packaging expert or packaging suppliers.

Triple Wall Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are ideal for goods that are heavy, delicate or costly due to the added layers of protection that they can provide.

Triple wall cardboard boxes are manufactured through with three layers of fluting within four layers of liner board. This construction enhances the rigidity, stability, and insulation quality of the package provided through a 7-ply formation.

Whether you are looking for triple wall cardboard boxes or any other type of box, they can all be made to exact specifications. Using our unique PackExpert tool, we calculate the exact strength required for a pack, taking into account all physical constraints in the supply chain including: transportation, storage and handling conditions and special temperature and humidity requirements.

As a result of using the triple wall cardboard, it is cheaper than timber boxes and also reduces risks associated with wooden packaging such as splinters and nails or even handling risks associated with timber packaging.

It should also be noted that our triple wall cardboard boxes also we can provide paper-based buffers on request – an eco-friendly substitute for EPS and plastic accessories.

How are Triple Wall boxes made?

Triple Wall boxes are made from several corrugated sheets juxtaposed and glued in such a way that they lay three walls on top of each other. The pieces of paper are cut, folded, and then joined along the appropriate sides using an adhesive to make a watertight and sturdy box. The box is then closed and secured with either tape or staples as a way of closing it tightly.

Triple Wall box are just like corrugated cardboard box but they have three layers of cardboard included in the making of the boxes. These triple wall boards made entirely of cardboard and are comparatively thicker than any normal corrugated boxe and they are used where some heavy to mitt items are to be shopped.

What are Tri-Wall boxes used for?

Triple wall cardboard boxes are commonly used in the packaging and transportation of items through transport facilities. These are made out of cardboard that is made from three layers of paper board thus make the moving boxes quite strong and durable. It is used for shipment and cushioning of large, heavy and sensitive products.