Solar panel packaging basics

Solar panels takes a long time and much raw materials, heading through step-by-step before they are ready to be sold.

As a globalized industry with most of production of solar panels taking place in East and Southeast Asia and the largest share of end consumers being geographically distant from the manufacturing origin, these valuable goods must also be shipped over a long distance via ocean. In 2016, China has manufactured 68% of total modules, followed by rest of Asia at 14%. USA and Canada manufactured 6% and Europe manufactured a mere 4%.

Being a high-price product, there is an important yet often neglected aspect – safe and efficient packaging of Solar Panels.

It is much costly affair to find if the solar panels received by the customers are broken, cracked, deformed or scratched as a result of improper packaging.

At Avon Containners, we specialize in solar PV cell packaging as we have been providing solutions to great manufacturers for their long distance shipments. We have experience of over 39 years which makes us one of the most suitable partners for packaging solutions.

Adani Solar Packaging by Avon Containners Pvt Ltd
Adani Solar Packaging by Avon Containners
Moserbaer Solar Packaging by Avon Containners