Rigid Boxes

Avon Rigid packs LLP is a Rigid Box Manufacturing subsidiary of Avon Containners Pvt. Ltd established for  addressing the premium segment needs of Rigid Boxes. Avon Rigid packs is committed towards producing quality premium segment boxes in bulk quantities for industry segments like electronics packaging, gift packaging, sweet boxes, and other primary packaging needs.

This is one of the most common form of packaging of products. Almost all FMCG product’s primary packaging is made of Rigid boxes. This is a thick sheet of paper board which is further processed with printing and lamination to make it presentable and appealing.

Avon containers is manufacturing rigid boxes for the premium segment of market like smartphone boxes, wrist watch and shoe boxes etc.

Rigid boxes are more about presentation than protection. A number of options for printing and lamination are available for Rigid boxes which makes it a versatile packaging segment. This is often used as primary packaging of products (primary packaging is which stays in direct contact with the product). This is light in weight and has infinite capabilities to appeal and showcase the product.
  • Cosmetic Boxes
  • Smartphone boxes
  • Wrist watch boxes
  • Shoe-boxes
  • Gift Article boxes
  • Perfume boxes

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