Octabin Gaylord Boxes

Gaylord boxes are large, heavy-duty, multi-wall corrugated containers which are mounted on top of a wooden or paper pallet. They are also called bulk boxes, corrugated totes, pallet boxes, shipping containers, resin boxes, and octabins.

Depending on the wall thickness, these containers can be stacked two to four high. This ensures maximum utilization of the storage capacity in trailers and in the warehouse. Gaylord boxes come in various sizes and strengths. We manufacture all sizes in double and triple wall corrugated boards. For some products, we use plastic liners or bin bags inside them to protect the content. For liquids, sealed inner-bags with integrated valves are used. Gaylord boxes are recyclable, and in most cases, reusable.
  • Loose parts, mixes small containers, granular materials, powders and liquids etc.
  • Chemical Industry
  • Petro-chemical Industry
  • Resin Industry
  • Tobacco Industry
  • Tea Industry
  • PET Bottles/ pre-form

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