7-walls – Featured Product

7-Walls is a premium product range from the house of Avon Containners. 7-walls is versatile, economic, light in weight
yet robust and reliable corrugated product-range including standard and custom size corrugated  boxes and sheets.
Capable of bringing global shipping solution and benefits for all sorts of applications in daily sphere of life, It is an
effective form of transit/shipping corrugated packaging which provides protection, identification, economy and performance
with an eye towards conservation of nature.

At Avon Containners, we manufacture every type of corrugated boxes. From regular e-commerce packaging boxes to large industrial goods and heavy machinery packaging and all which comes in between. We are delivering valuable corrugated packaging to our esteemed customers since almost 40 years now. Crisp finishing and balanced design and economical factors are the features through which our corrugated boxes can easily be distinguished from that of others. Our strength is innovation. We have developed full-proof customized packaging for a wide range of industries and have won hearts of all our customers, every-time!

Have a look at the range of our products which includes but are not limited to:


This is a folder type of corrugated box. This is usually made out of a single sheet of corrugated board. The bottom of the box type is hinged to make the side-walls and the cover. The erection of this box type does not includes stitching and/or gluing. In some of the designs, where utmost needed, locking-tabs, handles and display panels can be infused into it.

Corrugated sheets are the semi-products in manufacturing of corrugated boxes. All corrugated boxes are made of corrugated sheets. It is made on machines called corrugators. It is also known as corrugated fibreboards, corrugated cardboard. Unlike general cardboard which might be containing heavy paper-pulp based board, corrugated boards are made of one corrugated paper sheet sandwiched between two normal paper sheets. Based on the usage, different types of corrugated sheets are used on the basis of thickness in terms of layers of papers used in making.

Rigid-Boxes --by Avon Containers

This is one of the most common form of packaging of products. Almost all FMCG product’s primary packaging is made of Rigid boxes. This is a thick sheet of paper board which is further processed with printing and lamination to make it presentable and appealing.

Avon containers is manufacturing rigid boxes for the premium segment of market like smartphone boxes, wrist watch and shoe boxes etc


Not all products in the markets have a regular shape. Also, some of the products required extra protection during shipping and transportation. For such products, fit-to-product packaging proves to be very beneficial. As the name indicates, a custom packaging is designed to contain such products which is made with a view to provide safety to containment during the shipping.


Corrugated trays are open from the top. They are widely used to contain and ship products which are contained in bottled and hence beverage packaging is one of the major usage of it. Other products from FMCG and Food industry also find the corrugated trays perfect for the containment.

Water Resistant Corrugated Products

Corrugated boxes are made of paper and the need of packaging products which are either containing water or some other liquids takes us to requirement of water-proof boxes. Suitable coating is applied on the corrugated sheets in order to make them water-proof.

Collapsible-Boxes by Avon Containers Pvt Ltd

Collapsible boxes are designed in a way that erection process becomes almost negligible. The sides of the boxes folds over each other and can be flattened over each other. Collapsible boxes are fixed over a wooden/paper pallet and can be erected readily at the time of use.

PDQ by Avon Containers Pvt Ltd


PDQ stands for “Product Displayed Quickly”. As the name states, PDQs are not only limited to contain and protect the containment but also for displaying the products.


Die-cut boxes are made to order for the specific requirements. Die cut boxes are made using dies which needs to be created once. The die consists of blades in a specific technique using which a box is cut-out from a corrugated board.


RSC stands for “Regular Slotted Boxes”. They are the most generalized boxes around the globe. Their design is standardized in a manner that maximum of all types of containments can be packed inside these boxes.


Just when people asks an alternative to paper in corrugated boxes, there are PP boxes. PP stands for Poly-propylene. A chemical using which plastic is made. PP boxes are made of plastic corrugated boards.


Palletized boxes are attached to a pallet from their bottom. Palletized boxes are large in size and are generally used for bulk shipments and exports. These boxes are most widely used in international shipping.


Gaylord boxes are large, heavy-duty, multi-wall corrugated containers which are mounted on top of a wooden or paper pallet. They are also called bulk boxes, corrugated totes, pallet boxes, shipping containers, resin boxes, and octabins.


Telescopic boxes are basically similar to half RSC design of boxes. The lid of the telescopic box is equivalent to the height of the box which makes it easier to contain products of variable heights. When closed, the lid of telescopic box slides over the side walls of the bottom box.

Paper-Pallet by Avon Containers

Instead of wood, paper pallets are made of thick corrugated boards. Heavy duty and strong corrugated boards like triple wall are used to make a paper pallet. In terms of strength, they stand almost equal to that of a wooden pallet.

VCI-Bags by Avon Containers

VCI stands for Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor. These bags provides prevention from corrosion to metallic products being shipped to larger distances. They are widely used while shipping, importing and exporting industrial goods, machine parts, automobile spare parts and other segments where any metal prone to oxidization is being packed.