Packaging products which revolves around the globe

Packaging is a basic requirement of any product and any business would need a packaging which not only suffice the product safety but also contributes to the appearance and branding. Besides, proper packaging is required in the industries where transportation comes into perspective. We are helping people pack their products efficiently since 1979 and over the time, getting more efficient, we are expert in providing packaging solution to almost any segment of market. From Solar to Automobiles, from jewelry to FMCG, From bulk shippings to retail transportation needs, we have all solutions available with us.

Here are some examples we have worked with so far…

Automobile industry packaging by Avon Containers

For assembling the automobiles, their parts are transported to long distances, often overseas and these parts requires specific packaging solutions which enables safe transit. Our automotive packaging solutions are proven and are trusted by big automobile (2-wheeler, 4-wheeler and industrial automobiles) brands in India.

Beverages industry packaging by Avon Containers

Beverages are one of the fastest moving goods in market and is expected to grow from an estimated $97.2 billion in 2012 to $125.7 billion by 2018, at a CAGR of 4.3 percent from 2013 to 2018.  Packaging does plays an important role not only in transportation and storage, but also in display and on-shelf presence for beverages. We are ready with our concepts and designs for various packaging concepts for various segments of beverage packaging.

Consumer Electronic Goods industry packaging by Avon Containers

Consumer electronic goods which are also known as white goods are one of the frequently bought products in market. Design and utility is the center concept in such products and it’s packaging is an integral part of it. We have our expertise in manufacturing of small consumer goods like microwave or air-conditioner packaging to large appliances like washing machine packaging.

Dangerous Goods industry packaging by Avon Containers

Dangerous goods or hazardous goods which can harm people, other living organisms, property, or the environment. Hence, they require a specific packaging which is recommended in regulations of exporting of such materials. Dangerous goods packaging segment of Avon Containners Pvt Ltd is one of the best suited solutions available in the market.

Ecommerce industry packaging by Avon Containers

The growth of e-commerce industry is well-known to us and today almost every product is available for sale online. E-commerce also generates the need of generalized packaging as the product sold are of various dimensions and the service of home delivery requires packaging in which all these products can be contained effectively. We are already the biggest suppliers to big e-commerce companies in North India. Our e-commerce packaging solutions are of global standards and does suffice the needs of stock packaging in India. Our multi-depth boxes are one of the best examples of the same.

FMCG industry packaging by Avon Containers

FMCG industry needs strength, durability as well as design and utility infused in the packaging designed for them. With a long list of satisfied brands, we are a known brand of packaging in this sector. Food packaging and cosmetics packaging is effectively addressed by packaging experts of Avon Containners Private Limited.

Fruits and Vegetables industry packaging by Avon Containers

Regular supplies of fruits and vegetables is channeled through a large supply chain. The entire goods requires corrugated packaging for transportation on daily basis and in some cases, the packaging needs to be designed in a way that it can be re-used. Fruits and vegetables packaging segment of Avon Containners is used by many large suppliers in India.

Garments and Textile industry packaging by Avon Containers

Bulk exports of garments and textiles from India requires bulk packaging boxes like Gaylord and palletized boxes. Our export boxes does caters the requirement of garment and textile packaging very well. Apart from it, shoe boxes manufactured on automatic lines resembles the beauty and elegance of the contained product.

Industrial Goods industry packaging by Avon Containers

Industrial goods can vary from products as small as bearings up-to large machine parts and other heavy products. Our heavy duty packaging segment is dedicated to provide packaging solutions for industrial goods.

INfrasturcture industry packaging by Avon Containers

Raising infrastructure is demand of developing nations and the raw materials required has to be efficiently handled for the heavy weight raw materials like cement and tiles. Also, for interior products like lamps and lights, fragile product packaging designs are available.

Pharmaceutical industry packaging by Avon Containers

Regularized usage of medical equipment packaging is one of the need from pharmaceutical industry and our solutions are specifically designed around the requirements in order to ensure the smooth transportation and safety of medical equipment. Pharmaceutical packaging is frequent in demand and we manufacture bulk supply boxes for this segment on our automatic lines.

Solar industry packaging by Avon Containers

Renewable energy resources involves solar panels and other supportive equipment. Our customers are among the biggest names in solar industry and our packaging solutions for solar panels are widely known in the industry. Solar packaging is one of our shining forte.

Tobacco and Tea industry packaging by Avon Containers

We have standardized packaging solutions designed for tea packaging as well as for tobacco packaging. Our heavy duty box segments are replacing wooden boxes for import and export of tea and tobacco across the globe.

Transportation is back-bone of global trade and business and hence the most versatile packaging demand emerges from this segment. From small product-specific boxes to generalized boxes for bulk exports, we have ready-made solutions for transportation and shipping packaging.

Furniture Industry Packaging by Avon Containers

With frequent relocation and changing infrastructure, furniture industry is expecting a boom in coming time. Our furniture packaging solutions are tailor made according to the containment and are designed especially for each order keeping in mind the requirement of our customers.

Aviation Industry Packaging by Avon Containers

Aviation industry involves very large size parts to be shipped from one place to another. Turbines, engines and other spare parts packaging solutions are available with us. From fit-to-product packaging solutions to bulk transportation of spare parts, our heavy duty packaging provides a steady and useful solution for Aviation industry packaging requirements.